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Forgive us, we have to do this bit . . .

Unauthorised synchronisation use, copying, retail, hiring, lending, broadcast and public performance of our music and sound effects is prohibited.

The copyright and recording rights in the music on this website are owned by Audio Network Plc. If you breach any of our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to take action.

All our licences are designed to be straightforward and concise. The following terms and conditions are designed to explain what you can and can't do with our music. If you are unsure about any aspect of music use please call us on +44 (0) 1787 477277 or email office@audionetworkplc.com.

Downloading your music

If you wish to download music you must select a user type from the options available. After purchasing your tracks, your licence will be emailed to you automatically.

Before you see a price for Audio Network tracks you will be asked to declare what you are using the music for. Your choices are:

Select one of these and your licence will cover you for that usage – and away you go!

The Sound Effects Library is priced the same for all user types.

If you wish to use the music track(s) in an audio-visual production, you need to take out one of the following licence types: 

Creator licence

Covers synchronisation use in personal or wedding videos, films and other multimedia projects or for use in your home, education establishment or church. Covers distribution of the finished audio-visual production to friends and family or user-generated content aggregators, such as YouTube and MySpace. Excludes products for commercial sale or exploitation.

Professional Productions

Covers synchronisation use in corporate or charitable videos, DVDs, presentations, websites or other multimedia projects. Covers up to 100 copies of the finished audio-visual production for distribution within the corporation or charity.

TV and Other Productions

Covers synchronisation use with film, radio and television programmes, or other multimedia, audio-visual or computer generated productions or presentations. Also covers radio commercials, for TV commercials see below. All rights in the sound recording dubbing fee and music synchronisation fee are cleared for the above uses for the world.

For further details concerning (1) Products for Retail Sale, (2) Audio Only CDs (3) Public Performances and (4) How producers can save money by taking out a blanket licence covering all their productions click here 

TV Commercials

Covers synchronisation use with TV and Cinema commercials. All rights in the sound recording dubbing fee and music synchronisation fee are cleared for the above uses for the world, in perpetuity. Different versions of commercials require separate licenses. Please contact us for details or campaign discounts.

N.B. Unauthorised synchronisation use, copying, hiring, lending, broadcast and public performance are strictly prohibited.

Reporting your music use

As with any music used in productions for broadcast or cinema, you’ll need to fill in a music cue sheet. Please send a copy of the cue sheet to Audio Network. You can either post us the copy of the completed forms to:

      School Farm Studios,
      Little Maplestead,
      CO9 2SN,

Or email the details to office@audionetworkplc.com

Changes to your production

The download rate covers use of the track in only one production. If you want to use the same track in two different productions you will need to download the track twice. Any changes to your original production, trailers etc, will classify as a ‘new’ production.

If you need to use several tracks in your production(s), or if you need lots of versions of tracks, a blanket licence will usually work out cheaper. Our rate card lists all available options for blanket licences, or call our sales team on +44 (0)20 7566 1441 for more details.

Selling your production

A retail licence is required when a production is duplicated on any format and made available for retail sale to the general public. Contact us to arrange an instant retail licence covering all your requirements. See below for our standard retail licence fees. A retail licence is not necessary if your production is simply for broadcast, home, student, corporate or charitable use.

Using our music in other ways

Our standard licences are issued for synchronising our music with your pictures (audio-visual use). Music-only productions (such as audio-only CDs) require a special licence agreement, without which, music may not be re-recorded, duplicated or re-sold. Please contact us for details.

Public performance of your production

Audio Network is a member of the Performing Right Society (PRS) in the UK and has assigned the performing rights in its music to the PRS to administer. This means that every public performance (broadcast, website use, live events etc) of your production needs to be covered by a PRS licence. It is the responsibility of the broadcaster, live music venue or website owner (not the production company) to clear this licence with the PRS.

PRS then divides up this licence fee income amongst composers and publishers whose music has been used. This is why it is important for production companies to fill in cue sheets so the broadcaster can give the local performing rights society information on what music it has used.

Audio Network owns all of its sound recordings, so no additional PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) licence is required for public performance of our sound recordings.

Data Protection Information

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