从绕耳不绝的旋律,到未来感十足的嘻哈音乐,Cobble 的音乐永远不拘一格


Cobble makes music that’s as eclectic as his upbringing. His artist name is a reference to the nature of the universe and how tiny pieces come together to form complex matter - a concept all too familiar to the UK born, Singapore raised, part-Persian producer. Now residing in Liverpool, he’s been making music since he was 17, switching from a previously chosen career path of sound engineering after studying at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. Fuelled by his multi-cultural background, the now 25-year-old Saam Jafarzadeh releases his new single, ‘October’, the first in a series of tracks from his project 'Noise'. The album swings from warming synths to staccato vocal samples to future-facing hip hop covering all bases for what he describes himself as “Martian Hip Hop”.

Saam Jafarzadeh, aka Cobble, knows where the groove is at. He blends haunting melodies with driving beats and breathes new life into songs courtesy of his remixes.
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