Jethro Chaplin



Jethro Chaplin has worn many hats in his musical career — studio engineer, producer, live engineer and musician. He has owned and run Mwnci (pronounced “monkey”) Studios, a residential recording studio in West Wales, since 2003, and worked with a variety of artists, including Harry Keyworth, Colorama, Naked And Famous, Julie Murphy, Sonic Boom Six, Gemma Ray, Wolf People, Purbayan Chaterjee and Prosperina. His solo contributions to production music show heavy Indian and reggae influence and one of these songs (“Raga Saga”) even landed placement in the Disney film Million Dollar Arm. Combining forces with Harry George Keyworth and Raithe Laurence, Jethro creates a wide array of music, running the gamut from upbeat acoustic work through hip hop and electronic.

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