Corey David Britz


曾为英国 Bush 乐队担任伴唱的多乐器演奏家,是硬摇滚和流行乐项目的理想人选


From a deeply musical family in rural Virginia, multi-instrumentalist Corey Britz has spent the last two decades immersed in music, touring the world several times over as bassist and backing vocalist for acts like Bush and The Calling. A prolific session musician, his recording credits include collaborations with Dave Stewart and Gavin Rossdale, and he continues to pay his experience forward, producing bands like Damn Killer Pandas. As a songwriter, he draws on all of this, meaning he’s become the go-to man for ferocious riffs and hard-rock grooves while exploring pop and alternative projects as well. Corey recently released a high energy remix of Youngblood Hawke’s single ‘Madness’ and his debut solo album is entitled Slightly Exaggerated Tales of Past Events.

Having toured the world with Bush and The Calling, multi-instrumentalist Corey Britz has become the go-to man for ferocious riffs and hard-rock grooves, while also exploring pop projects.
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