Chris Bussey


多流派制作人兼作曲家,与宝马、彪马、PlayStation 等国际知名品牌均有合作


Producer, composer and the founder of LaserStray production team, Chris Bussey is influenced by a wide array of genres and artists from Prince, Bjork, Miles Davis and Soundgarden, to Beck, Trent Reznor, Tom Waits and Igor Stravinsky. Much like his influences, Chris’s compositions are far-reaching: from cinematic moodscapes to traditional guitar pop-rock. He has worked with products and brands including BMW, Puma and PlayStation, as well as networks such as CBS, MTV, Discovery, BBC and CNN.

Chris’s compositions span cinematic moodscapes to guitar pop-rock. His work with products and brands includes BMW, Puma and PlayStation, plus networks including CBS, MTV, Discovery, BBC and CNN.
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